Cursing or Binding 45

Prolonged obsessive religious activity will, for the ordinary man, create a minor aetheric thought form that he may call his god. This effect is partly transferable and explains the difficulty in attacking popular public figures.” – Peter J. Carrol, Psychonaut, Magical Combat

Here in the small cities of Witchville, Pagantowne, and Mageburg, we like to put our magic where our mouths are. So it’s completely understandable that those of us who are furious about the republican president would want to curse, hex, jinx, bind, and otherwise take responsibility for him. I’m proud to be in the same metaphorical neighborhood as all of you.

This article is aimed at people who are able to take magical action. I recognize that many people cannot, that for them survival is the best resistance. Take care of yourselves, neighbors. “From each according to their ability,” the saying goes.

That said, I firmly believe many of you are taking the hardest road possible for the least effect. While I acknowledge your right to do that, I feel it would be rude of me not to at least mention this. 45 is a symptom of a greater problem. There are magicians and Christians protecting him, and people of great power and repute have already been trying to oust him via spellwork. If it was possible to solve the problem of our republican president with that kind of work, it would have been done already.

I am also a firm believer that if you criticize a tactic, it is up to you to propose a different solution. Directly after the election, there was a storm of magic practitioners asking why all the baneful magic against 45 had done nothing to stop him. Many explanations rose up, one being that the Pepe the Frog meme had been turned into a sort of chaos magick sigil by members of the alt-right. Lost? Here are links to Pepe’s history and the terribleness that ensued.

Out of that theory rose my personal favorite plan of action: a counter meme. In short time, appeared: BODE. Following that line of thinking, I have already been designing rituals to empower BODE with our intent to disempower the alt-right: remove their veneer of credibility with conservatives and moderates, de-radicalize those we can, and protect those fighting to put America to rights.

To continue focusing on magical attempts to control American politics, remember that the Evangelical Christian right is salivating in the wings to have Pence become the next republican president. I am willing to bet actual money they pray fervently every day, and that is a powerful magic all its own. Christian witches, please send help.

Additionally, let us not forget that before 45 many of us were about ready to dance on the grave of the GOP. It is clear that a vacuum of power and a deep understanding of the hatred many Americans felt for Obama led to the rise of our current republican president. Let us not forget the role that fake news and channels such as FOX play in the current divisions of the country. Let us not forget the rich lobbies that continue to deny what is right for the working class. If you feel called to cast curses, there are a dozen targets that are far closer to your claws.

Next, for those of us who shy from baneful magic, there are a myriad things to empower. From the growing rumors of a women’s party to an already prepared antifa network, many people doing the work of fixing this mess could benefit from our spiritual support and protection.

The draw of casting baneful magic on 45 is easy: he is a clear target, and we have seen the power of a large group of people  doing the same action together. However, I would like to posit that there is equal power in an ecosystem of resistance, that each of us working in our own ways to do what we feel strongest about is perhaps the way that the left fights. After all, if our central tenet is diversity, it makes sense that would include a diversity of tactics.

So fly, my neighbors! Go into the world with your beautiful magic and your strong hearts. Please take this tiny piece of advice with your for the road: it is difficult if not impossible to cast baneful magic on someone with a strong media presence. And if you need any help redesigning your spells, feel free to contact me.

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