A Circle for the Moon

Moon Circle

I recently wrote an article explaining an alternate method of constructing circles for magic work. I mentioned the importance of interfaith, accessible magic. A key aspect to writing for a multiple faith group is using an experimental approach. Magic is part of the natural world, and as such we are constantly collecting information about how it works.

Additionally, different people within the same group will want to do different things with the same magic. This is how I wound up with the next circle in my series.

Continuing the same method as last time, I constructed a circle for the moon. The number which ties us most closely to the moon is 27, the approximate number of days it takes the moon to circle the earth. 27 is 3 cubed, a very harmonious number. Using this, I was easily able to construct sacred geometry to get the following circle.


Now, the good thing about the moon is that it doesn’t change its distance from the Earth, and as such can be used pretty much constantly. However, the different phases will have different effects. The moon affects the earth in two big ways: it provides soft light at night, and it pulls the tides. On the full moon, we receive both the soft light and the tides. On the new moon, we receive only the tides. I won’t go into further detail as people have their own ways of interpreting these facts.

As with the sun circle, I have my personal favorite incantation to cast and decast, but I encourage you to find your own. Keep in mind that while I use the same incantation to decast every time, you do not have to. Heck, you could get funny with it.

Zodiac Spirits and The New Moon

Inspired by a question one of my circle-testers asked, I did some research. Turns out, when it is new, the moon aligns with the sun and the zodiac sign the sun is passing through, and on that day we have an opportunity. It is a good time to ask the spirits of the zodiac to come and speak with us. You could see if your sun sign is okay protecting you, for instance, or asking them how to unlock your solar potential. You could ask your moon sign what’s up with all the weird feelings.

Today, Feburary 26, 2017, we will be in line to talk to Pisces, so I have provided an example ritual for this occasion. This also is a great time to talk about an interesting attribute that this circle design has that previous ones did not; they can overlap as needed.  Since the moon is closer to the Earth, I have made that the inner ring.


Paying attention to an updated scientific understanding of how planets move and layering a simple set of tools gives us subtle and complex structure, pictured below.

Please note that since there is an identical triangle in the moon circle, I did not draw it in the outer circle. I then made the bottom two points of that triangle 3*13 = 39 and 3*14 = 42. It’s these sorts of changes that truly harmonize and join the circles together.

An Intermediate Summoning

Before I go any further, I want to stress that this is not a beginner summoning. Please make sure you have a firm grasp of the following skills before you attempt this: grounding, cleansing, summoning, banishing, visualization, and spirit communication.

Additionally, I am going to assume you already have: a preferred method of drawing circles, a sky map to find Pisces, and incantations that fit your style to cast + decast each circle


  1. Cleanse yourself and the space
  2. Draw the circle facing Pisces
  3. Draw the symbol of Pisces in the center of the circle
  4. Use your incantation to cast the circle of the sun
  5. Use your incantation to cast the circle of the moon
  6. Summon Pisces
  7. Do your work
  8. Dismiss Pisces
  9. Use your incantation to decast the circle of the moon
  10. Use your incantation to decast the circle of the sun
  11. Ground yourself


The person who inspired this circle had a fun time using it, and so did I. I hope that other people will be able to do the same. However, without input from other people with perspectives different from my own, it is a brittle construct. Writing for an interfaith community means writing with an interfaith community, with the spirit of experimentation, with an open mind that things can and will change as you go.

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