Magic(ish) Podcasts

Rune Soup – He has some amazing topics if you can get past the occasional elitism. Very good for understanding Animism with a grounding in science. CW drugs.
Bespoken Bones – 120% reccomend. Reclaiming Witch talking about ancestor work. I skip some here and there, but mostly the podcast is amazing. I do wish they’d stop centering blood ancestors though. -_-
Antipodean – My friend keeps trying to get me to listen to this one, but it’s not on Stitcher. Still, I trust them enough to list it here.
A Little Juju Podcast– The go to podcast for “Black Ass Spirituality”. I listen to this one mostly to learn how to be less antiblack and less because the practices relate to my own. If you want to understand why Hoodoo and Conjure are Black and what that means, this podcast will fill you in. Also, if you are a black person looking for your ancestral practices, here you go.
Queer Spirit – Interviews with Queers from various practices, mostly professional healers and mystics.
Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio – 90% of the uploads are shit conspiracy theorists. But the 10% that are good are amazing. The most recent interview with Rodney Orpheus is an example of the good stuff. Also I happen to like the cheesy intros.
Astrology Bytes – Tutorial on Astrology. Best to listen in order, but the episodes tend to be less than 15 minutes long.
Tarot Bytes – Tutorial on Tarot. The first 100 episodes or so are good to binge, and then I would listen to the interviews you care about.
Charm The Water – Hermetic magic. I’m still on the fence on this one. The guy is super open about his practices, though.
Healing Justice – I can’t stand this person’s voice but there are some good ideas if you can get past that. More intuitive healing than actual magic.
Three Pagans and a Cat – They have a fantastic series of podcasts to explain basic concepts to people. VERY beginner friendly.
Glitch Bottle – Grimoires. I have only had one or two interviews on here that I didn’t want to finish. Not beginner friendly. Be prepared to google. I also reccomend reading Grimoires by Owen Davies before you start this one.
Down at the Crossroads – Traditional Witchcraft. These folks are good so long as you ignore anything they tell you about herbalism. Great interviews, fun music.
Around Grandfather Fire – Shamanism? I would classify these folks as spirit workers since I’m not a fan of using the term shaman outside the specific region it originates in. But hair-splitting aside, they do actually know a lot, and they interview some really fantastic folks.
Thelema Now – Thelema. They are mostly cool, but they interviews the lady from Scarlet Imprint recently so I’m mad at them rn.

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