An Sample Mercury Talisman

Intention: I listen and understand. I speak and am understood. OR I see and understand. I sign and am understood.

Timing: Jun 30 2020 between dawn and noon

Sigil (I am working on this and will add it when its done)

Basic Materials

  • paper, preferably the color you associate with Mercury
  • a writing utensil. if you use white paper, you can use a Mercury color here
  • Something to store your paper talisman in like a charm bag
  • water and a snack

Fancy Extras

  • incense or herbs (I will use mullein for this planet)
  • Music or whatever you use to raise energy
  • ritual robes (I will wear a priest’s collared shirt)
  • if you know any crystals mercury likes feel free to add them


  • Setup. Best practice is to face the sun, because that’s where Mercury will be that day.
  • Cast sacred space
  • Salute the planet Mercury. If you have music and incense, get those going now.
  • consecrate your pen and paper with a simple blessing or by waving them through the smoke
  • spend time here visioning or focusing on the intention until your intuition says to move on. raise energy. get into it. get goofy.
  • draw your sigil while repeating the intention
  • put your paper and other materia in the container
  • seal it
  • Thank Mercury
  • Take down sacred space
  • Eat snack. Drink Water. Ground.

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