Jailbreaking the Cardinal Demons

For this one, I am taking a different approach. Instead of writing a long essay, I am going to record a video lecture. I will add the link to the video lecture after It is posted. For now, here are my citations and notes.



  • 4+8=12 princes (zodiac?)
  • ORIENS, PAIMON, ARITON, AMAIMON. Are listed as the 3rd layer of demon princes

Clavicula Solomonis

  • Pretty much in line with my vision
  • Source of my animal forms, sigils, and 

Liber Officiorum Spirituum

  • “These be the 4 kynges of the Ayer as thes. Oriens in the Est, & paymon in the west & Amaymon in the Southe & Egim in the northe”

Agrippa’s 2nd Book of Occult Philosophy

  • Given similarly to the above in name
  • Separated as the directional kings, different from the rulers of hell itself

Image Sources



  • Also has a lot of interesting reading
  • Grimoire of Honorius: invocations for 4 kings, names+directions are different
  • Goetia: lists Egyn as having power over water


  • List other books to look into

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