Liber Capra

What follows is my personal method of doing ritual to contact angels and demons. It is a way, not the way. I hope you can glean some useful ideas from it and that we might be able to compare and contract our practices.

This method has worked for contacting: Stolas, Vepar, Jehoel, Gabriel, Abraxas, Phenex, and Zadkiel. This method was not adequate to contact Astaroth, though I may simply need a more comfortable space based on her feedback.

All prayers in quotes are approximations as I tend to make use of extemporaneous speech within particular formulas.


I have done this alone. About ¾ times I work with my scryer. Twice I have had the pleasure of a scribe. Once I had the pleasure of many voices to make music to call up the spirit.


A Priest’s collared shirt, black

Black shoes, pants, and belt

A lamen bearing the Immaculate Heart

Optional: Abramelin oil, diluted for skin

Incense burner, coal, and lighter

A ritual knife

A triangle of evocation

A scryer or scrying method

A source of music

An oil lamp, recently replaced with a fancy candle holder

Mood lighting

Journal and consecrated pens for taking notes

Aftercare snacks

On Incense

For demons and other sublunar spirits, I use a general “temple” incense. For lunar and superlunar spirits, including the 7 planetary archangels, I use planetary incense. My incense collection, as well as my Abramelin oil, come from Empress and Hierophant on Etsy.

I am currently working on sourcing incense from local foraging and my own garden, but I suspect this will take many years. 

On the Triangle of Evocation

If I have the honor of working with my scryer, I prefer to use a wooden triangle to hold the incense. If I am working alone I use a cloth triangle and set upon it a bowl of water for scrying.

Extended notes on the triangle I use can be found on my youtube channel.

On Timing

For demons and other sublunar spirits, you only need to make sure the moon is waxing. The best day is when the first light on the crescent waxing moon.

For lunar and superlunar spirits, including the 7 planetary archangels, a proper election for the relevant planet should be made. The details of that are too many to go into on this document, and my understanding of good elections is ever evolving with my studies. 

On Hospitality

I’m not a fan of hierarchy, but I do recognize the need for clear boundaries and expectations in relationships. Due to the history fo the angels and demons, they are familiar with a cross-cultural idea of Hospitality. It is a mutually binding agreement between host and guest, one where we both have responsibilities for making things go well. I summarize it in 3 rules.

  1. If you leave your sword at the door, I will be responsible for your safety.
  2. You can leave at any time, but you cannot overstay your welcome.
  3. If I give you the best I can offer, please accept it with grace.

Consecrating the Lamen

The Immaculate Heart is a symbol of being free from original sin. Christians see this as aspirational, but I see it as a reminder that Original Sin is fake. We all have immaculate hearts.

I take pilgrimages a few times a year to sacred waters and dip in my lamen. Be it the ocean, a river, a spring, or a fountain at an important urban center. I pray a slightly altered Hail Mary as I do so, leaving out the words “sinner” and “Jesus”.

Consecrating the Shirt

Wash shirt with just a little baking soda in place of the usual soap. At dawn, preferably while the sun in in Leo/Aries, light solar incense and pass the shirt through it. Pray a solar adoration, either the adoration in Liber AL book 2, the Sun collect from Liber XV, or Omnia Sol Temperat. Use the shirt only for rituals.

Consecrating the Knife

I am going to be honest here. I blooded my knife so long ago I didn’t have the knowhow to do it properly. I am in negotiations with Samael and Amaymon to re-consecrate my knife, but nothing is definite yet.

Consecrating the Speakers

Again, being real honest here, I just dip a sacred herb in water and touch the outside of the speaker or rub some on the wire. I used basil for the set I have now. 

Consecrating the Triangle

At dawn, preferably while the sun in in Leo/Aries, light solar incense and pass the triang;e through it. Pray a solar adoration, either the adoration in Liber AL book 2, the Sun collect from Liber XV, or Omnia Sol Temperat. 

Consecrating the Pens

Elect for an hour of Mercury. Burn Murcurial incense. Pass the pens through the smoke.

Ritual Taboo + Preparation

Long before the ritual begins, I research the spirit and create a touch point. Usually it is a decorated novena candle. I place it on an altar and listen for whether or not the spirit wants to make contact. I have been told no at this stage, specifically by Orobas and the Bruxa de Evora.

For the 10 days before these rituals, I observe ritual taboos. I am not doing these out of some notion of purity, but out of a need to be open and ready for the spirit. Due to health issues, my taboos are to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and foods which hurt my gut. I also make sure to eat what aids me: greens, yogurt, and oats. The last thing I want is to have to run to the bathroom in the middle of ritual.

Once a day, I check in with the spirit to ask what music they like. This also helps me get a feel for their energy to prevent getting pranked by imposters. I have also been warned of potential energetic incompatibility, as with Phenex.

I also try to check in with Mother Mary more often than usual, since she is my matron and guide. I want to make sure I am center and listening with an open heart, after all.


  • Set up
    • Clean room, pay extra attention to floors
    • Move furniture as needed
    • Create altar with tools
    • Mood lighting
    • If using an external speaker, set that up
    • If scryer, make sure chair and tools are ready
  • Confession
    • I bless myself. 
    • “For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.” Liber II
    • Magus then places a hand on each other participant and blesses them.
    • Optional: an equal armed cross is drawn on the forehead using diluted Abramelin oil.
  • LBRP
    • My version (I need to update the video)
    • Use ritual knife to point in place of usual wand
  • Stepping into Power
    • Put on collar for Priest shirt
    • “I stand before the spirits and holy ones as a child of <redacted>, a child of <redacted>, as part and whole of Creator, the great zero, the before before, the after after, incarnate for the purpose of Love.”
  • Light Candle
  • Address the 4 Corner Guardians
    • Ask each in turn to permit the spirit to come. Repeat rules of hospitality and the name fo the specific spirit. If the direction the spirit will come from in known, only address the guardian of that direction with extra oomph
  • Light Incense
  • Prayer for Triangle
    • Solar Adoration from Liber AL Chapter 2 “I am the Lord of Thebes…”
    • “Holy Archangel Uriel, in the name of our LORD the Sun, and of our LORD, I ask you to empower this seat, that my guest may have a place to be received, that they may hear me clearly, that I may hear them clearly, and that neither of us will speak falsely to the other. By your book and sword, by the holy one Oriens and Lucifer who aid you, open this triangle. Amen.”
  • Establish communication
    • Start Music
    • Invoke the spirit with extemporaneous music and musical repetition of their name
    • If working with a scryer, help them drop into trance by their preferred method.
  • Ask the standard Questions
    • Who are you?
    • I want to contact you for <reason>, do you agree?
    • When should I contact you?
    • How do I contact you?
    • What offerings do you like?
  • Additional Questions
  • Listen to spirit
    • “Is there anything you wish to tell me?”
  • Farewell
    • Be polite, invoke hospitality.
    • I have never had to use this, but if the spirit refuses to leave I do have a few emergency protocols
      • Asafoetida on incense burner
      • Invoke Mary as Queen of Angels to restore peace
      • Invoke RHK as the protector of my Will and/or my scyer’s Will
      • Just dump a bucket of cold water on the scryer or pour the water bowl out into the toilet
  • Close circle
    • Ask each of the 4 corner guardians in reverse order to grant safe passage to my guest and close th gate behind them
    • 7 claps to undo the circle
  • Aftercare
    • Turn on lights
    • Take care fo scryer per their preferred method
    • Eat a snack
    • Do not read scribe notes for 24 hours
    • Change out of ritual garb
    • Put away altar

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