Cabra Woodwell grew up with their nose in a book. Fiction or nonfiction, politics or romance, old and new: they absorbed as many words as the school libraries had to offer. Much of their childhood play was also storytelling, mostly alone with the scarce patches of trees in overly developed suburbs. Stories were a shield against all the hurtful things in the world. As they grew, they realized they could tell stories with others: interacting with other fans via fanfiction, telling stories with their hidden selves through trance, weaving scenes with strangers through internet roleplay. Writing became the forge in which shields were made, and eventually the center of Cabra’s craft.

As a writer, this bookwyrm is dedicated to changing the narratives of magic to decolonize, decarcerate, and liberate. It is the task of many lifetimes, and more often than not the task is of finding and changing their own racist, classist thinking. In the forge, the first thing to be made pure is the Smith. When not working internally, Cabra writes zines and workshops. They have natural affinities for protective magic: charms, wards, shielding, circles, and even the occasional egregore guardian. You can find them and their work at Garlic Witch Zine Collective and Reclaiming Pittsburgh.


January 2017: Arcane Perfection anthology.

Tech Witch

2018 to Present: Reclaiming Pittsburgh

Dec 2018 to Present: Iron Pentacle Study Group

March 2020: Starsdance Mystery School

Workshops + Classes

Early 2016: Art + the Craft

This 4 week online course is aimed at novice witches, and means to demonstrate several methods of spellcraft. The methods presented have a focus on art and art making as inherently magical actions. The course is not a complete covering fof the topic but rather a jumping off point for each individual witch’s exploration of their own thoughts of the overlap between art and the craft.

Beltane 2016: Making Magic and Paganism Nonbinary Friendly

Teachable in half an hour, this quick workshop is aimed at helping cisgendered and heterosexual members of the Pagan community begin to recognize and grow away from the cissexism and nonbinary erasure present in our spaces. It can be expanded to a full hour discussion if time allows, and makes ample room for trans and queer pagans to speak out.

Note: This workshop is open for any queer person to teach. Blank worksheets are here and presenter’s notes are here.

Beltaine 2018: The Magic of Video Games

Pigeon and Critter unite forces to discuss the subtle but strong connection between magic and video games. Using storytelling and Astral Travel as bridges, the presenters will make the connections known and then allow the imagination of the participants to take flight in this fertile and rich area of modern life.

Unconference May 2018: The Magic of Video Games

Pagans in the Park 2018: A Pagan Perspective on Saints

Many people think Saints are only relevant to Catholic and Afro-Syncretic tradition. This is not so. With a little bit of history and a lot of fun storytelling, come find a useful way to begin or deepen your ancestral practice. 

Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride 2018: Raising Energy in Ritual

Some things are best learned by doing. Come join with Juniper Caldera and Critter for an hour of hands on energy raising using only one drum and the magic inherent in each and every one of us. Knowing how to raise energy can give your rituals a greater sense of efficacy and togetherness, connecting you to energies as old as humanity itself.

Baltimore Witchfest April 2019: A Pagan Perspective on Saints

Morgantown Pagan Pride Aug 2019: Making Magic and Paganism Nonbinary Friendly

Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day Oct 2019: Connecting with the Elements

The elements are deeply important in most modern pagan practice, but how do we relate to them? In this 50-minute meditative dicussion, Cabra and Otter Riverrider will help participants attune to and deepen their connection with those forces we come to again and again.