Just popping in with a few updates.

I was interviewed twice. You can see links on my about page under my bio. I was interviewed by a community of pagans centered in Michigan but with an international reach. I can’t thank them enough for supporting me in my work. They’ve been curious and understanding of my links with Folk Catholicism.

I think the one regret I have is that we spent a lot of time talking about issues in the OTO, and I didn’t emphasize enough that we as Thelemites are actively working to change the issues. We are wrestling with these questions. I found out recently USGL is working on diversity modules to help educate and start discussions so people can suggest policy changes with basic respect for others behind them.

On my ko-fi, I will start releasing monthly astrology forecasts. I will try and release them on the last quarter Moon so you can spend a week preparing for whatever good magical dates are coming up. The first one will come out on May 22.

My second book, a Marian Grimoire, will hopefully be ready for its first beta-testers soon. I got thrown for a loop because I found a couple books that are doing the same thing I am doing but from a different perspective. So, rather than thinking of myself as a pioneer, I am one of multiple people seeing a void and filling it. That’s a relief, actually, because it means future practitioners will have multiple solid options to choose from.

The other roadblock I am having is with the ritual knife and whether or not to consecrate it to Saturn. I have to try a few things to see what will work.

Hopefully I will have something for you all soon.

Jailbreaking Demons

Thanks to Laura for editing. The featured image is Stolas from an old printing of The Infernal Dictionary by Jacques Collin de Plancy.

This essay is part of a longer series on Jailbreaking Catholicism. Here is a list of previous essays. Essentially, each essay looks at some spirits in Folk Catholicism and the Grimoire traditions and asks, “How would a leftish animist polytheist relate to these beings?”

Why Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking the Saints

Jailbreaking the Angels

Jailbreaking the Cardinal Demons

I am not yet entirely sure how, but I know it can be done. You can form an internally consistent and complete cosmology of relating to these various spirits that is animistic, polytheist, and leftish politically. You do not have to look at this large body of lore and practice from a dogmatic lens. You can look at it with similar tools as we use to look at Pre-Christian practices.

This essay is about demons. My current belief is that demons are animistic spirits of the Earth. They are a subset of angels, but we relate to them differently because we live on the same planet. We are not limited to the traditional method of binding them and forcing them to do as we wish. We can negotiate with them from a place of mutual respect.

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Dreamwork 101

Usually when I write a blog post I have consumed a lot of media on the topic and can cite sources. This time, I am just sharing my own experience. Do with this what you will.

What is a Dream?

When you sleep, you have different sleep phases. Rapid Eye Movement sleep, or REM, is the phase of sleep we call dreaming. If you are the kind of person to sleep for 8+ hours, you will cycle through this phase 2-3 time per night. During REM, your brain is firing off a lot of signals but the singals that move your body have been shut off. That way you don’t flail around in your bed while dreaming of running away from a giant bee.

My goals as a dreamer are

  1. to remember some of my dreams
  2. to interpret the dream
  3. to minimize the number of nightmares and sleep disturbances

I am not interested in total control over my dream space. I actually had a dream in high school where I negotiated with my dreamspace. I get to control my dream body, I surrender control of my environment. It has worked well so far, allowing me to shapeshift and fight back against threats in my dreams on several occasions.

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LBRP – An Experiment with the Form

Variants on the LBRP abound. It’s honestly one of the best places to start editing your own spin onto the practice, becuase it is a good circle casting, an elemental attunment, and a reaffirmation of your personal cosmology. So here is mine. The directions will no make sense unless you are familiar with the LBRP, so here are a few links to videos that can teach you the base. You should also do the base version at least once to feel the energy move. The newer you are to energy movements, the more times you should try the base version and versins written by expereinced practicioners before making changes. Just like cooking.

Credit to my partner Pidge Fletching for writing the Witch’s Cross.

Psychopomp Productions

Damien Echols

Witch’s Cross

  •  Draw energy from Star Goddess into the head, down through your core into your pelvic bowl, then pull up from the earth into your pelvic bowl. “By the sovreignity of our bodies,”
  •  Draw from the core line into the right shoulder, then across to the left shoulder. “and the wisdom and pleasure of our ancestors,”
  •  Place your hands in a position of prayer or ressurection. “and the witch in the middle, so mote it be.”


  •  Face east, draw a pentacle in the air, and then push energy out to the eastern edge of your working area. Tone, “Air is sacred.”
  •  Make the sign of silence with a small stemp of the dominant foot.
  •  Draw a line from east to south. Draw a pentacle, and then push energy out to the southern edge of the working area. Tone, “Fire is sacred.”
  •  Make the sign of silence with a small stemp of the dominant foot.
  •  Draw a line from south to west. Draw a pentacle, and then push energy out to the western edge of the working area. Tone, “Water is sacred.”
  •  Make the sign of silence with a small stemp of the dominant foot.
  •  Draw a line from west to north. Draw a pentacle, and then push energy out to the northern edge of the working area. Tone, “Earth is sacred.”
  •  Make the sign of silence with a small stemp of the dominant foot.
  •  Draw a line from north to east.

Cardinal Demons

  •  Facing east, imagine a winged serpent. “Before me,” then tone, “Oriens.”
  •  Still facing east, imagine a lion behind you. “Behind me,” then tone, “Paimon.”
  •  Still facing east, imagine a large dark bird, “To my right,” then tone, “Amaymon.”
  •  Still facing east, imagine a bear to your left. “To my left,” then tone, “Egyn”


“We are now between the worlds, and what happens between the worlds changes all the worlds.”

Witch’s Cross Reprise

 – Repeat as before.

Jailbreaking the Cardinal Demons

For this one, I am taking a different approach. Instead of writing a long essay, I am going to record a video lecture. I will add the link to the video lecture after It is posted. For now, here are my citations and notes.



  • 4+8=12 princes (zodiac?)
  • ORIENS, PAIMON, ARITON, AMAIMON. Are listed as the 3rd layer of demon princes

Clavicula Solomonis

  • Pretty much in line with my vision
  • Source of my animal forms, sigils, and 

Liber Officiorum Spirituum

  • “These be the 4 kynges of the Ayer as thes. Oriens in the Est, & paymon in the west & Amaymon in the Southe & Egim in the northe”

Agrippa’s 2nd Book of Occult Philosophy

  • Given similarly to the above in name
  • Separated as the directional kings, different from the rulers of hell itself

Image Sources



  • Also has a lot of interesting reading
  • Grimoire of Honorius: invocations for 4 kings, names+directions are different
  • Goetia: lists Egyn as having power over water


  • List other books to look into

Lent 2021

CW Discussion of Fasting and Disordered Eating

Lent means a lot of different things to different people. For me, lent is an ancestral way of marking the last third of winter. Jesus’ solar symbolism along with imperial churches co-opting seasonal festivals to create church calendars makes it easy to map this onto seasonal observances. Really, it’s re-mapping, re-connecting, re-claiming.

In lent, one of the hardest parts of the year, my ancestors turned to spiritual growth the best way they knew how. Fasting, additional prayer, and trying to build better habits are all traditional ways of marking the season. The sun has started to come back but the early spring can be just as harsh as deep winter. So now is a time to pull on deep spiritual wells to rest and prepare. Now is the time to revive the seeds of hope for April planting. Why not? It’s a heavy Pisces season! 

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Lefty Learning List


General Leftism
https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/ (Leninist Castro Shill)

A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer by Rhyd Wildermuth
Caliban and the Witch by Federici



Structural Racism
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Legitimizing Political Power
https://gimletmedia.com/shows/crimetown (only season 1 season 2 sux)
Almost anything by Michael Foucault

Sex Work

QAnon + Cpnspiracies

Breaking Rank by Norm Stamper

Jailbreaking Angels


Before I begin, I must give my deepest thanks to esotericarchives.com and my local OTO body. Without them, I would not have had access to half of these texts, or I would have spent a great deal of money buying copies only to donate them to my local library.

Angels have been a part of many faiths for centuries: messengers, healers, challengers, initiators, guides for the dead, allies. In the Jailbreaking series, I am re-interpreting the Catholic practices of my ancestors through a polytheist and animist lens. My bias is also anti-empire. I hold the Catholic church and many Christian churches (but not all) as forces of domination, oppression, and sometimes genocide. I don’t believe in Original Sin, nor in the “Christ” saving humanity. To me, Jesus of Nazareth is a folktale about a rabbi who was arguing with other rabbis regarding how to keep Judaism alive under the domination of Rome. He said some really wise things, but he didn’t end our disconnect from the divine. We were never disconnected.

So what are angels? The word angel comes form the greek angelos, meaning messenger. As I will explain, angels are not miracle working forces of good. The name angel is given to spirits who like humans and want to see us do well. Just because a spirit probably likes humans does not mean it likes all humans. But they are all approachable, and expect to be approached. To be blunt, it is possible to approach them from a wide variety of practices and perspectives, including polytheist animism.

This essay will not be a guide on how to contact these spirits. That topic requires preparatory work and will hopefully be the subject of a future book. This is a review of the historical records I could access in order to assess what these spirits are. The historical record is not pretty. Poor peoples’ magic tends to not be recorded as often as the practices of the rich and powerful. What we know about the magic of peasants, serfs, and workers is fractured and much harder to research. I will do my best to include the peoples’ work with these beings, but I want to make it clear that the scant material I have to work with is not due to a lack of care or respect.

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An Sample Mercury Talisman

Intention: I listen and understand. I speak and am understood. OR I see and understand. I sign and am understood.

Timing: Jun 30 2020 between dawn and noon

Sigil (I am working on this and will add it when its done)

Basic Materials

  • paper, preferably the color you associate with Mercury
  • a writing utensil. if you use white paper, you can use a Mercury color here
  • Something to store your paper talisman in like a charm bag
  • water and a snack

Fancy Extras

  • incense or herbs (I will use mullein for this planet)
  • Music or whatever you use to raise energy
  • ritual robes (I will wear a priest’s collared shirt)
  • if you know any crystals mercury likes feel free to add them


  • Setup. Best practice is to face the sun, because that’s where Mercury will be that day.
  • Cast sacred space
  • Salute the planet Mercury. If you have music and incense, get those going now.
  • consecrate your pen and paper with a simple blessing or by waving them through the smoke
  • spend time here visioning or focusing on the intention until your intuition says to move on. raise energy. get into it. get goofy.
  • draw your sigil while repeating the intention
  • put your paper and other materia in the container
  • seal it
  • Thank Mercury
  • Take down sacred space
  • Eat snack. Drink Water. Ground.

Update: Angels


Master of Sir John Fastolf (French, active before about 1420 – about 1450)
A Patron and His Guardian Angel, about 1430 – 1440, Tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment
Leaf: 12.1 × 9.2 cm (4 3/4 × 3 5/8 in.), Ms. 5 (84.ML.723), fol. 20v
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Ms. 5, fol. 20v

This is not a “Jailbreaking Angels” post in that I do not yet have any definitive conclusions regarding how to jailbreak the angels. However, I wanted to write to stay in the habit of putting words on a page and to see if anyone has any input.

So far, I have the bare bones start of an altar. My patron has asked that I not perform any ritual to contact angels until August. At first I was confused but as I started to prepare I began to see why. First, I was starting work on behalf of my community that required a lot of my attention. Second, in order to get a clear signal I have to do some maintenance and repair in my magical working space. Neither of these things can be rushed, so I agree now with my patron that August will be a good time to perform the first contact ritual. I will likely begin offerings and consecrations before then.

As an animist, when I work with spirits, I think of them as having an “anchor”, something I can use to tune into their energy. The anchor is not usually the whole of the spirit, just a touch point. For most spirits, the anchor is either something in physical reality or a story told by humans. St John the Baptist anchors himself in his myths, the rain, and the local rivers. The Fae are anchored for me in the local forest, especially mushrooms and flowers. Different people use different anchors, and a spirit can anchor differently in different physical locations.

The topic that has been rolling around in my head for the last few months is: what anchors would best connect me with the angels? I’ve got three categories, and each has pros and cons. I also discussed this topic with my partner earlier, and we came to what I think is a good idea to try.

Heavenly bodies seem the most resonant to me. The concept of “angel(s) of saturn” fits neatly in with a worldview where everything has an animating spirit. And why shouldn’t the deity of Saturn have messengers? There is historical precedent for it being easier to talk to one messenger rather than the deity themselves. The concern I have with anchoring in heavenly bodies is that I don’t think that is the whole picture. It seems reductive to boil angels down to just space animism without the cultural context of those relationships.

Another easy anchor is the lore surrounding angels as psychopomps. Christians are not the only faith-cluster to think that human spirits go to the stars when we die, and I have seen a lot of medieval manuscripts that depict an angel at the deathbed waiting to take a soul upwards to space. I even see angel statues when I go to the local cemetery for walks. I don’t have any concerns here. It’s a pretty straightforward bit of the lore.

Myths are a good anchor, because they can describe the relationship between humans and spirits. They can be rich and allow for a balance between tradition and interpretation. The concern I have is that a lot of the mythology of the angels and space animism comes from Jewish traditions such as Mishnah rather than the overlap of religions that the grimoire line exists in. The stories don’t often appear in the grimoires themselves, though they can be found by dedicated searchers.

Obviously, not all the myths are Jewish. Angel lore comes from the New Testament and from Islamic sources as well. I hope to gain the literacy required to delve into and understand the Islamic angel lore at some point, or at least how the Islamic mythology connects with and relates to Judaism and Christianity. I think doing so might provide some key as to what “The West” is and how I can remove this nomenclature from my practices.

The last kind of anchor I have been considering are names. Names are an obvious anchor because they are important to the grimoire tradition. Also, there seems to be a resonance between angel names and the Roman cult of virtues. Gabriel has often been translated as “Strength of G-d”, and divine strength is a concept I feel familiar with. It would not surprise me if an angel of venus was named “Beauty” or an angel of mars was named “Action”. I am hesitant to draw similarities between Roman practice and Hebrew naming practices, but it is worth looking into.

The final piece of this puzzle that my partner and I were discussing is that the angel practices don’t always associate the same angel with the same heavenly body. I have seen Uriel and Michael alternatively associated with the sun. Raphael also seems to go between the sun and mercury.

What we came to was an idea that rather then try to form an angelic connection that draws from the entire breadth of all these practices, it might be wise to pick one grimoire line and remediate the relationship from that viewpoint. First, taking a grimoire lineage roots the practice in specific history, times and places. One of the goals of remediating or jailbreaking these practices was to do exactly that, to provide a decolonized context of my own spiritual inheritance. (Though with Iberian ancestors that is a weird trip.)

Second, framing angels in terms of grimoire lines adds and embraces plurality. The fact that different sources say different things is not a problem to be reconciled but a basic feature of how our human relationships with these non-human spirits evolve.

So the time has come to pick a line and start making basic offerings.