Witchy Tech Support

Do you need someone to run the backend of your website? Does your magic enterprise need an admin for group chats? Do you also need someone who isn’t going to turn their nose up at magic? Send me a message, and lets see if my knowledge of the cyberastral domain can be of service to you.

$5 Advice

After over 10 years of practice, I have enough experience to put more than my 2 cents on metaphysical concerns. Send me a description of your problem using the form below and I will let you know whether or not I can give you advice. For examples of the kind of advice I can give, you can see my reddit comments here.

Tarot for Entertainment

Many people are coming to appreciate Tarot as a tool for spiritual development, but did you know reading the cards can also be fun? Having a reader can help people get past awkward small talk and open up to each other. A reader can also add a spooky atmosphere to a Halloween party or Witch-themed event.

If your space could use an entertainer, please send what details you have using the form below.