Dreamwork 101

Usually when I write a blog post I have consumed a lot of media on the topic and can cite sources. This time, I am just sharing my own experience. Do with this what you will.

What is a Dream?

When you sleep, you have different sleep phases. Rapid Eye Movement sleep, or REM, is the phase of sleep we call dreaming. If you are the kind of person to sleep for 8+ hours, you will cycle through this phase 2-3 time per night. During REM, your brain is firing off a lot of signals but the singals that move your body have been shut off. That way you don’t flail around in your bed while dreaming of running away from a giant bee.

My goals as a dreamer are

  1. to remember some of my dreams
  2. to interpret the dream
  3. to minimize the number of nightmares and sleep disturbances

I am not interested in total control over my dream space. I actually had a dream in high school where I negotiated with my dreamspace. I get to control my dream body, I surrender control of my environment. It has worked well so far, allowing me to shapeshift and fight back against threats in my dreams on several occasions.

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