Scrying Activity

Today, neighbors on a discord server I am on were talking about scrying. It was a concept a lot of different people responded to, and people with little experience even asked some questions. So I suggested that we each do a form of scrying in the next 24 hours and then meet to discuss. My neighbors agreed.

Some asked for directions because they had not done this before. So I am posting here a loose outline of my favorite method. Please feel free to adapt it as you see fit. “You are your own spiritual authority, rooted in community.”


  • a song you like to listen to on repeat or an album you like to listen to in its entirety
  • some method to listen to that music (headphones suggested)
  • a place and time where you will not be interrupted
  • water
  • snack
  • a candle or a blindfold (bandana works fine)
  • optional: some way of taking notes


  1. Assemble your materials. If you opted for a candle, make sure you have a lighter and a way to put the candle out. If you have note taking materials, have those in easy reach. I sometimes take notes while blindfolded, so I keep a journal in my lap or on the floor next to me.
  2. Use the restroom before starting. At least wash your hands and rinse your mouth.
  3. Go to your workspace and get comfortable. You can sit, lie down, or stand. If you are using a candle, make sure you are facing the unlit candle
  4. Start your music. Greet the song. Greet your body.
  5. If you have a blindfold, put it on. If you have a candle, light it. Soften your gaze, or look for the blue part of the flame near the bottom. Do not use both a candle and a blindfold. One or the other. 
  6. As the music plays, let your imagination respond. Let the music create a story or a setting or a character or even just sensations. Don’t direct. Don’t ask questions. Just let it come. If nothing comes, enjoy listening to your jam. If you have to direct something, encourage yourself to breathe deep and slow.
  7. You are done when you are tired, the music isn’t fun anymore, or you have been sitting for 40 minutes. Whichever happens first ends the session.
  8. Take off the blindfold or put out the candle.
  9. Turn off the music. Thank the song for being with you. Thank your body for receiving the sensations, if you had any.
  10. Take time to sit in silence or journal if you want to
  11. Drink water and eat snack

Questions for Discussion

  • What method did you use?
  • What sense was strongest for you? Sight, scent, touch, or taste?
  • What did the song bring you through your imagination?
  • How do you contextualize what the song brought? Does it mean anything?


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